About Michael Doven

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Michael Doven – A Biographical Short

Michael Doven has been making striking images since 1977. He assisted in dozens of photo shoots throughout the western U.S. with world-renowned sports photographer, John Kelly of Colorado. It was during these shoots where Michael was inculcated with the challenges and joys of creating memorable images which has become his life-long passion.

By the age of 25, Michael had already traveled extensively and logged trips to over 50 countries across the globe. He augmented his creative perspective by attending numerous cinematography classes, including the Maine Photographic workshops in Ojai, California, in 1987 and the Eric Sherman Film Making workshops in Los Angeles in 1988. He then began to hone his ever-sharpening talents by shooting video on expeditions including Nepal in the Annapurna sanctuary.

In 1991, Michael embarked on a 18-year journey in feature film production in Hollywood where he was blessed, being able to watch, study and learn from amongst the greatest directors of photography in the world. During this time, Michael traveled the globe, armed first with a Nikon F4 and  F5 and then several Mamiya 645s and Mamiya 7s shooting remarkable, indelible images.

In 1997, Michael received his full degree in photography from the New York Institute of Photography.  Since then, he has continued traveling and shooting all over the world creating images with his unique eye for composition and knowledge of the medium.

Photo Credit: Isabella Vosmikova

Photo Credit: Isabella Vosmikova

In recent years, Michael has fully embraced the Digital Age and is shooting currently with a Nikon D2X and the Hassleblad H3.

Michael’s unique perspective and composition lend a timeless spirituality and vividness to his images. This was quickly evidenced when Michael hung many of his favorite images in his own home  in Pacific Palisades, California. Guests to his home from the film, stage and screen disciplines; as well as many fellow artists, would repeatedly request to purchase the prints straight off of his walls.

In order to preserve his personal collection,  Michael has opened up this gallery so that these images may be available to others in many various sizes.

Michael is committed to producing the finest images possible on the highest quality archival papers and inks in the industry resulting in treasures lasting over 100 years.

To this end, for over a decade, Michael has worked exclusively with the finest post-production printing lab in the country. Digital Fusion in Los Angeles is the leading edge in the industry. Its founders, Hugh Milstein and Jon Moeller, personally oversee and print all Michael Doven fine art images, and Michael Doven personally oversees all quality control and signs each image. For more information on Digital Fusion go to: www.digitalfusion.net

Michael is very active in and on the Advisory Board to Artists for Human Rights which is a group dedicated to teaching and defending Human Rights and raising awareness of Human Rights through the arts and artists.

More can be learned about this group at: www.artistsforhumanrights.org